Hajer El Oussini, Jelena Scekic-Zahirovic, Pauline Vercruysse, Christine Marques, Sylvie Dirrig-Grosch, Stéphane Dieterlé, Gina Picchiarelli, Jérôme Sinniger, Caroline Rouaux, Luc Dupuis September 3, 2017


Objective: Spasticity occurs in a wide range of neurological diseases, including neurodegenerative diseases, after trauma or after stroke and is characterized by increased reflexes leading to muscle hypertonia. Spasticity is a painful symptom and can severely restrict everyday life, but might also participate in maintaining a low level of motor function in severely impaired patients.

Sonia Hernández-Díaz, Thomas F McElrath, Page B. Pennell, W Allen Hauser, Mark Yerby, Lewis B. Holmes, September 3, 2017


Objective: To evaluate the effects of epilepsy and antiepileptic drugs (AED) use during pregnancy on fetal growth and preterm delivery.

Methods: This study included singleton liveborns born to women enrolled in the North American Antiepileptic Drug Pregnancy Registry between 1997 and 2016.

Xu, G., Antuono, P. G., Jones, J., Xu, Y., Wu, G., Ward, D., Li, S.-J. September 3, 2017


Objective: To determine how memory-encoding tasks elicit functional perfusion change in subjects with amnestic mild cognitive impairment (aMCI).

Methods: Twelve subjects with aMCI and 14 age-matched cognitively normal (CN) subjects were recruited for this study. Arterial spin-labeling perfusion MRI (ASL-MRI) was employed to measure regional cerebral blood flow (CBF) during both control and encoding task conditions.… Read More...

Katz, J., Finnerup, N. B., Dworkin, R. H. September 3, 2017


Background: Several recent randomized clinical trials have found that the medications being evaluated for neuropathic pain did not significantly differ from placebo for the primary efficacy endpoint, despite encouraging results from prior preclinical and clinical studies. It is unclear whether these trials were unsuccessful because the medications truly lack efficacy or whether characteristics of the trials compromised the demonstration of treatment benefits.… Read More...

Ertekin-Taner, N., Younkin, L. H., Yager, D. M., Parfitt, F., Baker, M. C., Asthana, S., Hutton, M. L., Younkin, S. G., Graff-Radford, N. R. September 3, 2017


Objective: Plasma Aβ levels are elevated in early onset Alzheimer disease (AD) caused by autosomal dominant mutations. Our objective was to determine whether similar genetic elevations exist in late onset AD (LOAD).

Methods: We measured plasma Aβ in first-degree relatives of patients with LOAD in a cross-sectional series and in extended LOAD families.… Read More...

Moll, N. M., Rietsch, A. M., Ransohoff, A. J., Cossoy, M. B., Huang, D., Eichler, F. S., Trapp, B. D., Ransohoff, R. M. September 3, 2017


Objective: To characterize pathologic changes in the cerebral cortex of patients with multiple sclerosis (MS) and progressive multifocal leukoencephalopathy (PML).

Methods: Autopsy brain tissue was obtained from 13 patients with PML, 4 patients with MS, 2 patients with HIV encephalopathy, and 1 subject without neurologic pathology.… Read More...

admin September 3, 2017

With regard to the research article “Herpes zoster as a risk factor for stroke and TIA: A retrospective cohort study in the UK” by J. Breuer et al. (Neurology® 2014;82:206–212; published ahead of print January 2, 2014), we are publishing this Expression of Concern to alert readers that errors of data presentation have been uncovered since publication.… Read More...

James, M. L., Langefeld, C. D., Sekar, P., Moomaw, C. J., Elkind, M. S. V., Worrall, B. B., Sheth, K. N., Martini, S. R., Osborne, J., Woo, D., On behalf of the ERICH Investigators September 3, 2017


Because age affects hormonal production differently in women compared with men, we sought to define sex and age interactions across a multiracial/ethnic population after intracerebral hemorrhage (ICH) to uncover evidence that loss of gonadal hormone production would result in loss of the known neuroprotective effects of gonadal hormones.… Read More...

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