Megan O'Brien, Janet H. Ford, Sheena K. Aurora, Sriram Govindan, Deborah E. Tepper, Stewart J. Tepper September 3, 2017


Cluster headache (CH) is a primary headache disorder associated with low levels of diagnosis and high unmet medical need. The pain attacks, associated anxiety, and fear in anticipation of the attacks are extremely debilitating to a patient with CH. For acute therapy, treatment guidelines recommend inhalation of high flow oxygen during the period of an attack.

David Borsook, James L. Bernat September 3, 2017

Codes of professional conduct continue to be an essential component of maintaining the integrity of individuals, academic institutions, and medical societies. We review ethical issues of professional conduct focusing on conflicts of interest (COI). We explain how to manage or mitigate COI in the context of professionals involved in headache medicine and its medical specialty societies.

Ariane K. Kawata, Ray Hsieh, Randall Bender, Shannon Shaffer, Dennis A. Revicki, Martha Bayliss, Dawn C. Buse, Pooja Desai, Sandhya Sapra, Brian Ortmeier, Asha Hareendran September 3, 2017


The objective of this study was to evaluate the measurement properties of the Migraine Physical Function Impact Diary (MPFID), a novel patient-reported outcome (PRO) measure for assessing the impact of migraine on physical functioning.


In a prospective, observational study, adults with episodic migraine (EM) or chronic migraine (CM) used an eDiary to complete the MPFID (assessing daily impacts of migraine on physical function) and a headache diary (capturing migraine days, migraine pain intensity, and migraine interference) each day, and other PRO instruments related to migraine.


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