Catherine D. Chong, Visar Berisha, Chia-Chun Chiang, Katherine Ross, Todd J. Schwedt November 15, 2017


To investigate differences in cortical thickness in patients with persistent post-traumatic headache (PPTH) relative to healthy controls and to interrogate whether cortical morphology relates to headache burden (headache frequency, years with post-traumatic headache, PTH) in patients with PPTH.


PTHs are one of the most common symptoms following concussion.

Huma U. Sheikh, Jelena Pavlovic, Elizabeth Loder, Rebecca Burch November 15, 2017


Migraine with aura has been associated with increased risk of ischemic and hemorrhagic stroke. Prior studies have shown a further increase in risk in women using combined hormonal contraceptives (CHCs). This has led to guidelines recommending against use of CHCs in this population.

Melissa M. Chen, Stephen R. Chen, Pedro Diaz-Marchan, Donald Schomer, Vinodh A. Kumar November 15, 2017

We report imaging findings of 3 patients with anterior inferior cerebellar artery (AICA) infarcts who presented with atypical clinical findings of cerebellar strokes. AICA strokes are rare, and diagnosis can be difficult because of the high variability of the posterior circulation vascular anatomy.… Read More...

Oksana Pogoryelova, Phillip Cammish, Hank Mansbach, Zohar Argov, Ichizo Nishino, Alison Skrinar, Yuimo Chan, Shahriar Nafissi, Hosein Shamshiri, Emil Kakkis, Hanns Lochmüller November 15, 2017

• Patient registry is a valuable tool in international GNE myopathy research.• The registry expands the knowledge of GNE myopathy genetics and epidemiology• The registry allows monitoring of the disease progression and discover diversity• The data suggest possible genotype-phenotype correlation in GNE myopathy

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Laura Ludovica Gramegna, Maria Pia Giannoccaro, David Neil Manners, Claudia Testa, Stefano Zanigni, Stefania Evangelisti, Federico Oppi, Roberto Poda, Patrizia Avoni, Raffaele Lodi, Rocco Liguori, Caterina Tonon November 15, 2017

• Brain 1H-MRS showed pathological lactate accumulation in one third of DM1 patients• Lactate was higher in DM1 with higher white matter lesion load and cortical atrophy• Muscle 31P-MRS showed oxidative mitochondrial metabolism deficits in DM1• Muscle mitochondrial ATP production was slower in more clinically affected DM1• In vivo multi-organ evidence of oxidative metabolism deficit in DM1 was provided

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