Moll, N. M., Rietsch, A. M., Ransohoff, A. J., Cossoy, M. B., Huang, D., Eichler, F. S., Trapp, B. D., Ransohoff, R. M. September 3, 2017


Objective: To characterize pathologic changes in the cerebral cortex of patients with multiple sclerosis (MS) and progressive multifocal leukoencephalopathy (PML).

Methods: Autopsy brain tissue was obtained from 13 patients with PML, 4 patients with MS, 2 patients with HIV encephalopathy, and 1 subject without neurologic pathology.… Read More...

admin September 3, 2017

With regard to the research article “Herpes zoster as a risk factor for stroke and TIA: A retrospective cohort study in the UK” by J. Breuer et al. (Neurology® 2014;82:206–212; published ahead of print January 2, 2014), we are publishing this Expression of Concern to alert readers that errors of data presentation have been uncovered since publication.… Read More...

James, M. L., Langefeld, C. D., Sekar, P., Moomaw, C. J., Elkind, M. S. V., Worrall, B. B., Sheth, K. N., Martini, S. R., Osborne, J., Woo, D., On behalf of the ERICH Investigators September 3, 2017


Because age affects hormonal production differently in women compared with men, we sought to define sex and age interactions across a multiracial/ethnic population after intracerebral hemorrhage (ICH) to uncover evidence that loss of gonadal hormone production would result in loss of the known neuroprotective effects of gonadal hormones.… Read More...

Medaglia, J. D., Huang, W., Segarra, S., Olm, C., Gee, J., Grossman, M., Ribeiro, A., McMillan, C. T., Bassett, D. S. September 3, 2017


To apply network-based statistics to diffusion-weighted imaging tractography data and detect Alzheimer disease vs non-Alzheimer degeneration in the context of corticobasal syndrome.


In a cross-sectional design, pathology was confirmed by autopsy or a pathologically validated CSF total tau-to-β-amyloid ratio (T-tau/Aβ).… Read More...

Cavallari, M., Dai, W., Guttmann, C. R. G., Meier, D. S., Ngo, L. H., Hshieh, T. T., Fong, T. G., Schmitt, E., Press, D. Z., Travison, T. G., Marcantonio, E. R., Jones, R. N., Inouye, S. K., Alsop, D. C., On behalf of the SAGES Study Group September 3, 2017


To investigate the effect of postoperative delirium on longitudinal brain microstructural changes, as measured by diffusion tensor imaging.


We studied a subset of the larger Successful Aging after Elective Surgery (SAGES) study cohort of older adults (≥70 years) without dementia undergoing elective surgery: 113 participants who had diffusion tensor imaging before and 1 year after surgery.… Read More...

Cury, R. G., Fraix, V., Castrioto, A., Perez Fernandez, M. A., Krack, P., Chabardes, S., Seigneuret, E., Alho, E. J. L., Benabid, A.-L., Moro, E. September 3, 2017


To report on the long-term outcomes of deep brain stimulation (DBS) of the thalamic ventral intermediate nucleus (VIM) in Parkinson disease (PD), essential tremor (ET), and dystonic tremor.


One hundred fifty-nine patients with PD, ET, and dystonia underwent VIM DBS due to refractory tremor at the Grenoble University Hospital.… Read More...

Ikenaga, C., Kubota, A., Kadoya, M., Taira, K., Uchio, N., Hida, A., Maeda, M. H., Nagashima, Y., Ishiura, H., Kaida, K., Goto, J., Tsuji, S., Shimizu, J. September 3, 2017


To determine the clinical features of myositis patients with the histopathologic finding of CD8-positive T cells invading non-necrotic muscle fibers expressing major histocompatibility complex class 1 (CD8-MHC-1 complex), which is shared by polymyositis (PM) and inclusion body myositis (IBM), in relation to the p62 immunostaining pattern of muscle fibers.… Read More...

Lim, Y. Y., Mormino, E. C., For the Alzheimer's Disease Neuroimaging Initiative September 3, 2017


To clarify associations between APOE 4 allele and age on longitudinal rates of β-amyloid (Aβ) accumulation within Aβ+ and Aβ– older individuals without dementia.


We analyzed 595 older adults without dementia classified cross-sectionally as Aβ– (n = 325) and Aβ+ (n = 270) using longitudinal florbetapir PET.… Read More...

Kokubo, Y., Banack, S. A., Morimoto, S., Murayama, S., Togashi, T., Metcalf, J. S., Cox, P. A., Kuzuhara, S. September 3, 2017

The Kii Peninsula of Japan and the island of Guam are known as high-incidence areas of amyotrophic lateral sclerosis and parkinsonism–dementia complex (ALS/PDC). The disorder is clinically characterized by a variable presentation of parkinsonism, dementia, and motor neuron symptoms and pathologically by tau protein deposits in the CNS.… Read More...

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