October 2, 2023

Concussion. 2023 May 4;8(3):CNC107. doi: 10.2217/cnc-2023-0004. eCollection 2023 Apr.


AIM: To report improvements in post-concussion syndrome and concussion incidence following cervical spinal alignment correction.

CASE PRESENTATION: A 27-year-old professional rugby player with 20 documented concussions presented with abnormal cervical spinal alignment and post-concussion syndrome. After 30 sessions of cervical rehabilitation, health outcomes improved. Post-treatment radiographs showed improved cervical lordosis from -13.5° to -37.4° (ideal is -42°) and right head translation from -22.7 to -11.3 mm (ideal is 0 mm). 2-year follow-up radiographs and 6-year follow-up health outcomes showed post-treatment improvements were maintained. The patient reported two documented concussions in the 6 years following treatment while maintaining the same lifestyle and professional rugby career.

CONCLUSION: Correction of abnormal cervical spinal alignment may help athletes with post-concussion syndrome and reduce risk of concussion.

PMID:37691851 | PMC:PMC10485734 | DOI:10.2217/cnc-2023-0004