October 2, 2023

Brain Sci. 2023 Aug 9;13(8):1179. doi: 10.3390/brainsci13081179.


There are no FDA-approved treatments for the chronic sequelae of concussion. Repetitive magnetic transcranial stimulation (rTMS) has been explored as a therapy but outcomes have been inconsistent. To address this we developed a personalized rTMS (PrTMS) protocol involving continual rTMS stimulus frequency adjustment and progressive activation of multiple cortical sites, guided by spectral electroencephalogram (EEG)-based analyses and psychological questionnaires. We acquired pilot clinical data for 185 symptomatic brain concussion patients who underwent the PrTMS protocol over an approximate 6 week period. The PrTMS protocol used a proprietary EEG spectral frequency algorithm to define an initial stimulation frequency based on an anteriorly graded projection of the measured occipital alpha center peak, which was then used to interpolate and adjust regional stimulation frequency according to weekly EEG spectral acquisitions. PrTMS improved concussion indices and normalized the cortical alpha band center frequency and peak EEG amplitude. This potentially reflected changed neurotransmitter, cognitive, and perceptual status. PrTMS may be a promising treatment choice for patients with persistent concussion symptoms. This clinical observational study was limited in that there was no control group and a number of variables were not recorded, such as time since injury and levels of depression. While the present observations are indeed preliminary and cursory, they may suggest further prospective research on PrTMS in concussion, and exploration of the spectral EEG as a concussion biomarker, with the ultimate goals of confirmation and determining optimal PrTMS treatment parameters.

PMID:37626535 | PMC:PMC10452199 | DOI:10.3390/brainsci13081179