Russell Nichols, Erin Doty, Sara Sacco, Dustin Ruff, Eric Pearlman, Sheena K. Aurora November 25, 2018


To examine the likelihood of response with continued galcanezumab treatment in patients with episodic or chronic migraine without initial clinical improvement.


A percentage of patients with migraine may require additional time on pharmacotherapy but discontinue treatment prematurely. Additionally, recognizing when continued treatment is unlikely to provide improvement limits unnecessary exposure.… Read More...

Yohannes W. Woldeamanuel, Danielle D. DeSouza, Bharati M. Sanjanwala, Robert P. Cowan November 25, 2018


The objectives of this cross‐sectional pilot study were threefold: to identify regions of cortical thickness that differentiate chronic migraine (CM) from controls, to assess group differences in interregional cortical thickness covariance, and to determine group differences in associations between clinical variables and cortical thickness.… Read More...

Stephen D. Silberstein, Alan M. Rapoport, Pippa S. Loupe, Ernesto Aycardi, Mirna McDonald, Ronghua Yang, Marcelo E. Bigal November 19, 2018


Migraine has a substantial impact on daily living, affecting productivity and quality of life for patients and their families. Patients frequently discontinue preventive medications in part because of a delay in headache and symptom relief due to the long dose titration procedures necessary for some migraine preventives.… Read More...

Daniel M. Cushman, Lauren Borowski, Colby Hansen, John Hendrick, Troy Bushman, Masaru Teramoto November 19, 2018


To examine the association of commonly prescribed post‐concussive medications, namely gabapentin and tricyclic antidepressants (TCAs), with symptom reduction after concussion.


Concussion is a common diagnosis in modern medicine. Many providers use medication to target the residual symptoms of a concussion, with little evidence supporting their efficacy.… Read More...

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