Ashley M. Kroon Van Diest, Scott W. Powers November 17, 2018

Purpose of Review

To highlight current evidence supporting the prescription of cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT) as part of first‐line preventive treatment for children and adolescents with headache and discuss a research strategy aimed at: (1) understanding how and why CBT works, and (2) developing effective and efficient approaches for integrating CBT into headache specialty, neurology, and primary care settings.… Read More...

Yinglu Liu, Sulei Li, Rongfei Wang, Xun Han, Min Su, Xiutang Cao, Guangyi Wang, Feng Cao, Shengyuan Yu November 17, 2018


To investigate the association between congenital heart defects (CHDs) and migraine and evaluate the efficacy of transcatheter defect closure from a new perspective.


The patients with CHDs who underwent transcatheter defect closure were screened in the medical database of Chinese PLA General Hospital from January 2006 to January 2017.… Read More...

Morris Levin, Stephen D. Silberstein, Robert Gilbert, Sylvia Lucas, Leanne Munsie, Alyssa Garrelts, Kate Kennedy, Nicole Everman, Eric Pearlman November 16, 2018


The current study aimed to describe the impact of parental migraine on adolescent children (aged 11–17) living at home with a parent with migraine.


Many drug classes are prescribed for migraine treatment, but all have limitations. Recently, calcitonin gene‐related peptide (CGRP) activity has shown a significant promise as a target for preventive therapy.… Read More...

Priya Gauthama, Aditi Kelkar, Siti M.A. Basar, G. Niraj November 14, 2018


The aim of the prospective longitudinal service evaluation was to reveal the incidence of persistent headache at 18 months following accidental dural puncture with a 16‐gauge Tuohy needle. This followed an observation that a subset of female patients was presenting to the local pain medicine clinic with persistent headache following an accidental dural puncture.… Read More...

Stewart J. Tepper November 8, 2018


To briefly update and correct the available data on anti‐calcitonin gene‐related peptide (CGRP) therapies for headache since the American Headache Society 60th Scientific Meeting, San Francisco, June 2018.


CGRP is a target for primary headache therapies.


The author briefly reviews the new data and publications on gepants and anti‐CGRP and anti‐CGRP receptor monoclonal antibodies since the writing of his previous review in May 2018, with an emphasis on data provided at the American Headache Society 60th Scientific Meeting, San Francisco, June 2018.… Read More...

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